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Classes Offered Through Rex's Canine Training

  • Purebreds and mixed breeds are welcome in all classes at Rex's Canine Training, LLC
  • There is a 10% discount on your first class for dogs which have been adopted from the Eau Claire and Chippewa Humane Associations.



Learn to teach your dog tricks or behaviors using a clicker. Taught by Rexann Lemke, Rex's Canine Training, LLC . Rexann and her dog, Preston won many trick contests including, Better in Show, Fido Fun Run, and Dog Days of Wisconsin.

Clicker/Beginning Tricks and Behaviors

Requirements: N/A
Cost: $50. for four week classdogs doing tricks

Starting date:
Wednesday Sept. 6, 10:30am and 7:10pm at Ann Braue's Canine Training Center, Banbury Place

Advanced Tricks/Behaviors

Requirements: Dog and Handler must be familiar with the use of the clicker in trick and behavior training.
Cost: $50. for four week class

Starting date:
Wednesday Sept. 6, 11:30am at Ann Braue's Canine Training Center, Banbury Place

AKC Trick Titling Testing

Wednesday, October 4th at 11:30 and 7:10 at Ann Braue's Canine Training Center, Banbury Place.


"Mutts in Motion Freestyle Team"
Learn to dance with your dog for competition or just for fun!
Requirements: Advanced trick training
Starting date: On going sessions Saturdays at 11am


AKC STAR Puppy classes

Instructor Rexann Lemke is a certified CGC evaluator. This is a great start for those who are looking for basics and possibly to go on to CGC/TDI.

Requirements: dogs must be under one year old.
Cost: $80. for six weeks

Starting date:

therapy dog at work

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Classes

Instructor Rexann Lemke is a certified CGC and TDI evaluator who will assist handlers and their dogs in preparing for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Certification.

Requirements: Dog must be at least one year old and have basic obedience skills

$120 for eight week class, includes Canine Citizen test on last night of class
Therapy Dog International test offered the week after graduation at an additional cost

Starting date:
Wednesday Sept. 6, 6pm at Ann Braue's Canine Training Center, Banbury Place

All of the above classes are held at Ann Braue's Canine Training Center, Banbury Place unless specified at another location. and taught by Rexann Lemke, Rex's Canine Training, LLC.

Dock DivingPhoenix diving

Instructor Rexann Lemke teaches the basics of dock diving. In 2009, she worked with Phoenix, a yellow lab, who went on to place third at Nationals in her first year of competition.

Requirements: Dogs must be strong swimmers and have an excellent recall.
Cost: For private lessons, series of three $85, subsequent sessions, $25. Please call for pricing for more than one dog.
Dates: Lessons given spring and early summer. Call for Appointment.


Treibball (pronounced Try-Ball) is an interesting new sport (game) for all dogs, including mixed breeds. It was started as an addition to herding training where the dog herds balls instead of sheep. The dog is timed as they "drive" eight fitness (exercise) balls into a goal. The handler must learn to control the dog from a distance as the dog pushes the balls into the goal. The game gets more complicated as the dog and handler progress through beginning, intermediate and exellent levels. Treibball can be done competitively or just for fun. Dogs are taught by positive reenforcement.

Learn Treibball at a fun seminar:

When: TBD

Where: TBD

Instructor: Rexann (Rex) Lemke of Rex's Canine Training LLC

Cost: $105, includes lunch

For more information or to register contact Rex at 715-726-0811 or rex@flyballk9s.com

Rally and Competition Obedience 

Karen Thompson (ABCTC) is Rex and Ziva's Rally and Competition Obedience instructor.  Rex and Ziva have excelled in both Rally and Competition Obedience.  Their accomplishments include Four obedience titles (UCD, BN, CD, CCD) and five Rally titles (URO1, RAE, RL1) placing in all of their titling runs.  Ziva also earned High in Trial, High Scoring Rescue and Award of Excellence honors all in her first year and a half of competition.  She placed 12th in the Inaugural National Rally Competition in March, 2013 in Tulsa, OK and earned "Top All American" at the National Obedience Classic in December, 2013 in Orlando, FL.  She continues to compete in both Rally and Competition Obedience. Call Rex at 715-726-0811 or e-mail her at rex@flyballk9s.com for more information.    

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