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mutts in motions

mutts dancing

Mutts in Motion freestyle is a Musical Canine Freestyle team.  Musical Canine Freestyle is dancing with your dog for fun or competition.  Heeling, movement and tricks are choreographed to music.

Mutts in Motion freestyle practices weekly to have fun and improve bonding between dogs and their handlers.  Competition may be in their future.  The Mutts in Motion freestyle logo represents the orignal members, from left to right, Gen, Shadow, Maya and Ziva, who perform individually as well as a team.

Click here to check out the classes available to help you and your dog on the road to freestyle.

Ziva and Rex perform both Musical Freestyle and Heelwork to Music at World Canine Freestyle Organization events. In 2011 and 2016, Ziva and Rex competed in WCFO North American Nationals and placed in both forms of freestyle. They continue to improve their routines by attending seminars by world renowned freestylers.

WCFO, Mutts in Motion Freestyle and Rex's Canine Training, LLC welcome Juniors to this exciting sport. Liz and her Cavalier, Ruby are training at Rex's Canine Training. They recently performed a demo for a huge crowd at the Wisconsin State Fair. The following week they competed in Peoria, IL where they earned first place both days as well as "high scoring Junior" and "Most Bonded Pair" as well as attaining their first title!





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